Sunday, July 18, 2010

Running for a danish

Saturday, July 3

I start the day off with a bang, running around the Reservoir in Central Park again.  I make it all the way at a steady jog without stopping to nurse a side ache, tie my shoes, or catch my breath.  Good thing my route begins and ends at the water fountain! 

From there, my day gets lazier by the hour.  After a good rinse back at the apartment to make myself more presentable, I head uptown to 87th Street.  I read an article in Edible Manhattan about this cute little pastry shop called Glaser's.  It's famous among UES folks and has been in business since 1903.  I order an enormous cream cheese and chocolate danish for $2.50.  This will certainly pack on more calories than I burnt running in the park this morning, but I don't care.  It's not like I make a habit of eating danishes the size of my dad's hand every day.  I eat some of it on the walk home, but it's so rich that I save most of it for a spot in the refrigerator at home.  As I walk the 17 blocks to the apartment, the chocolate chips melt into a messy, drippy puddle in the center of the danish, but I hold it together.  Good thing it came in a pastry bag! 

Like I said, today's a lazy day.  After my all-day outing yesterday, I'm zonked by noon and decide on a long nap.  Good choice.  

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