Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eye on the City, Part I

Admittedly, I've been a bit MIA on the audition scene the last six months or so, but I've seen and done a lot of fantastic things in the meantime.  That's the beauty of New York: there's always more to discover, and living here (almost) never gets old. 

It's been on my to-do list to share a few highlights of life here in the City, and almost two years in--have I really been here that long?!?--it's time for me to show you the New York I see.  Enjoy.

1. If it's not already, New York should be known as The Other Windy City.  Here's a clip of a walk I took one night last fall around Lower Manhattan. 

2. Sometimes, I take pictures of people on the train.  Call me a creeper, but I bet all of my New York friends will admit to having done the same at least once.  

This couple riding downtown on the C train made me smile. Quintessential "Old New York."

Good dads always brighten my day.  Loved seeing this napping pair.

I love this guy's style.  I've seen him twice on the train home from work, and he was dressed fabulously both times. 

3. Enjoying the city skyline doesn't necessitate paying $40 to take an elevator to the top of the Empire State Building.  I shot these from The Allen Room, part of Jazz at Lincoln Center, atop the Time Warner Building overlooking Columbus Circle.  My dear friend, Ben Bonnema, invited me to be his plus-one at the 16th annual ASCAP Foundation Awards night where he was honored with the Frederick Loewe Scholarship for his outstanding achievements in musical theatre composition.  Paul Williams hosted, Stephen Schwartz was recognized for his lifetime contributions to musical theatre, and Judy Kuhn sang (and all the while, I kept picturing her as Pocahontas).  It was a night to remember. 


4. I can scratch "sing at Carnegie Hall" off my bucket list.  On January 16, I sang in the world premiere of The Peacemakers by Karl Jenkins (and under his direction) with choral groups from all over the world.  The soprano on my right came from outside London, and the soprano on my left was from Melbourne, Australia.  Music is the universal language!  (But we already knew this.)

5. New Yorkers, despite their reputation for being hurried, stiff, and entitled, are really good at heart.  One random act of kindness can create a chain reaction.  See?  I found this on a bench in the 72nd Street CB station one night after work.  Someone in need had dinner that night when they otherwise might not have.

6.  Some of my favorite views of New York are on my regular running/commuting routes. 

I snapped this shot inside the northwest corner of Central Park on January 23rd, one of the only snowy days this winter. 

This shot was taken a little farther north the next day, just a few blocks from my apartment in Harlem.

The High Line might be my #1 spot in the City, particularly for out-of-town visitors.  I snapped this series one night in mid-March after babysitting in the West Village.


7. Here's a snapshot of a day in the life on the audition circuit.  The room at Telsey + Co was full of women at the call for the second national tour of Wicked.  And these are only the Equity women.  They typed Equity and automatically sent non-Equity home.  So I walked in and walked out.  Can't win 'em all.

8. I'm a sucker for clever breadboards.  Enjoy.

This hot dog establishment wants to give the legendary Nathan's chain a run for their money. 

Guess you won't be needing that milkshake as long as you've got their cookies!

And this one is just horrifying.

9. This Williamsburg bathroom just off the Bedford L train is the coolest, craziest thing I've seen in a long time.  Just in case you were bored while peeing...

10. It's hard to believe it's been more than ten years since 9/11.  There are still fresh flowers every day at this West Village neighborhood memorial. 

More to come very soon!  Thanks for reading.  Love you all. xo