Friday, August 20, 2010


Mom is a total trooper.  I spend the first week of August running her into the ground as I power-walk up and down Manhattan.  She's the ultimate audition side-kick, and she insists that she's happy getting an idea of a "day in the life"--it's not the typical tourist experience.  We don't go the the top of the Empire State Building or eat hot dogs on Coney Island.  But we go to American Idol auditions, conquer a massive sandwich at the famous Carnegie Deli, dance in the park with three beautiful kids from Guatemala, survive two callbacks, and get lost more than once.  Some of it is crazy-fun, some of it is boring, and a lot of it is downright ridiculous.  I'm so glad she's mine. :)

While Mom is in town, Tyler is couch-surfing between Teach For America Institute and his job placement.  Poor guy.  He's delegated to the futon, but he doesn't complain. :)

On August 14, I meet my oldest best friend, Laura, at JFK.  Fresh off a five-and-a-half-month tour of Europe and North Africa, she's decided to end her adventure by spending two weeks with me in the city.  Her stories are incredible.  A hot air balloon ride, the cisterns in Istanbul, riding a camel in

I haven't spent Laura's birthday with her in years, but we luck out this time.  Sunday the 15th is a day of Coldstone ice creams, Mexican food, and Eat Pray Love with Julia Roberts.  Couldn't have asked for a better birthday combination, if you ask me. :)

The rest of the week isn't such a winner for auditions.  I audition on Monday for the York Theatre Company which specializes in new musicals.  Perfect.  The audition? So-so.  I felt good about how I sang, but I just couldn't get my audience to engage.  That's a frustrating feeling.  Wednesday's audition, Anything Goes, is a no-go because I have to leave for work before they get to me at #16 on the non-Equity list (if they got that far at all).  And today, I make what I know is a vain attempt at being seen at Telsey + Company for the national tour of South Pacific.  I step into the room and see about eighty other girls already in hair and makeup and looking snappier than me.  Within five seconds, the monitor announces they aren't seeing non-Equity.  And they're typing, anyway.  Those girls will be luck to be seen.  I'd be surprised if they keep a third of the group.

If this week wasn't one of great auditions, at least I have a nice paycheck to look forward to.  And it's been wonderful having Laura around.  I didn't realize how much I missed her. :)

And there's even more fun to come: tomorrow, we're doing a flash mob here in the city...

And that's all I'm allowed to say about that. ;)  

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  1. babe. i love you. also, i'm going to be in philly for spring break most likely. but i'm going to split the joy and happiness between new york as well. just so you can plan on seeing me :)