Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blessings with a Capital B

Now for the part about the blessings.

Three weeks ago, I interviewed for a second nannying job.  Gary and Ellora live in TriBeCa and have three kids, all of them adopted from Guatemala and all just shy of three years old.  I arrived at their apartment on a Saturday afternoon to a warm welcome from Gary and the two family dogs.  I met the kids and Ellora, and we sat down to the interview.  

After swapping stories about family, New York, and theatre (Ellora is an actress), they aked me to stay for a couple hours and test out the water.  We hit it off, and Ellora scheduled me to start work the following Monday.

I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity.  The job pays wonderfully, the hours are great, and  I love those kids.  Once I finish out my summer in Taryn's apartment, I'll most likely move in with them.  They have a separate living space in the basement, so I'd even have my own entrance.  The neighborhood is fantastic, and being on the West Side just minutes from the both the 1 and A trains means that all of my auditions are much more accessible now.  It's been almost a month, and I'm still in awe that the job is actually mine.  I did hardly anything to get it--just a nannying website, a few emails, and an interview.  God just keeps showering me with blessings, and I'm not even asking for them!  It's an immensely humbling and freeing feeling, let me tell you.

As if a fantastic family, great location, and solid pay isn't enough, I also get to travel.  Two weeks ago, Gary, Ellora, and the kids spent the week in the Hamptons.  They brought me out on the train (Long Island Rail Road) to join them for the weekend and help out with the kids.  Sag Harbor was gorgeous, and getting in some time at the beach is always a blast.  We built sand castles, played on the swings, and got sand in our pants.  Fabulous. :)  The last three pictures here were all taken in or around Sag Harbor.

If I don't book work that takes me away from the city this winter, I'll probably spend most of January with the family in Arizona and Hawaii.  And after having spent two weeks here in January 2008, I'm eager to escape the crummiest, most bitter month of the New York winter.

Whatever happens, I'm just glad I have work right now and that I have some security to keep me through at least the New Year.  That's the plan for now.  It could all change if I'm suddenly offered an acting gig I just can't refuse, but as of now, I'm doing a pretty good job of juggling auditions, nannying, and paying the bills.

So I guess I'm not moving home in September like I thought.  I really like New York, even if the humidity sucks right now, and I want to give it my best shot.  And that means staying put for as long as possible.  Don't worry, girls.  I'll do everything I can to be in Colorado at the end of September, and I don't plan on missing the wedding in October.  Or the amazing choreography of a certain Jess Liles. ;)  I'm gonna try to make it all work.  God willing. :)

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