Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Accountability: Just the Ticket

I promised my girlfriends back at Whitworth that I would keep a blog of my adventures this summer.  Admittedly, it's nice to know they're holding me accountable to the task.  I think I'll follow through with things more effectively if I put them down in writing for all the world to see! 

My flight for New York City leaves bright and early June 16.  I'll be in The Big Apple until September 1, and while I'm there, here are a few things I plan to accomplish:
  • Take a voice lesson with David Sabella Mills (recommended to me by my fantastic voice teacher, Patti)
  • Check out Actors' Equity, the union for people in my line of business
  • Network
  • Go to as many open call auditions as I can find
  • Get a free ticket to a taping of SNL
  • Sleep in the sunshine in Central Park
At this point, I'm still transitioning from life at Whitworth to life at home for a few weeks, but plans for New York are already flying around in this head of mine.  I'm practically bursting with excitement!  More details soon!

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