Saturday, September 25, 2010

A surprising audience...

Soooo...I just figured out how to see the stats on my blog (didn't know they had those!), and my readership comes from some interesting places: 

-91 from the USA (duh)
-4 from Switzerland (I have only one Swiss friend...)
-3 from Latvia
-1 from Luxembourg

Huh.  Wonder who those last five or six folks are... Anyway, welcome to the world of a silly 22-year-old newbie New Yorker!

If you're getting anything out of what I write, please feel free to comment on my posts! :)


  1. I have ones from Canada, Costa Rica, South Korea, and the Philipines. Weird!

    PS Can't wait for theatre next week! If you can't make it to all, that's totally fine.

  2. Mollie, I just found your blog and I've read/skimmed through your life for the past few months--thanks for sharing it.
    BTW--this is from Pam's mom

  3. I'm the Costa Rica one Ben! And Molly, you have a CR follower as well!