Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Me? Write a children's book? Figures.

Okay, this is silly.  But I got a hair-brained idea to start a children's book today.  Who knows if it'll actually turn into something publishable, but I'm having fun in the meantime.  I just spent the evening pounding out part of a first-draft over a spread of Thai delivery: panang curry and sticky rice with mango.  It's the good life, folks. 

Like most children's stories (and all of my writing), this is character-driven, and everyone has their own wacky voice and set of idiosyncrasies.  So far, I have a polar bear protagonist on his first field trip from the Bronx Zoo, an overexcited hot cider-drinking hippo, and a precocious little nose-wrinkling Bronx girl who offers the displaced polar bear some practical advice. 

Sounds ridiculous, I know.  But I'm going to do a little research and reading on how to really write for kids, and we'll see if I can make this thing happen.

[At the wise suggestion of a good friend, I decided to edit out of this post the previously included excerpt.  I guess I should worry about protecting my work; anybody can steal practically anything these days.  So you'll just have to wait until later to read it all in print.]

Keep your eyes peeled for a second installment of "Eye on the City," too, because heaven knows I've got about ten thousand photos--several of them subway candids (creeper!)--and I'm dying to do something with them.

Thanks for reading, and if you consider yourself a writer, I'd love your suggestions and cautions!

Love you all! xo

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