Sunday, October 24, 2010

a return to the days of backyard shenanigans

I bet you can't remember the last time you played in the backyard all day.  Sure, the outdoorsy types go for hikes and picnics in the park.  But what about just killing time outside?  That's how I spent my Sunday in Sag Harbor with three rambunctious kids.  

It's like I'm seven years old again.  We throw the Frisbee for the dog, pick grass for no reason, drink juice boxes in the sunshine, improvise with rocks as sidewalk chalk, race to the hedge and back, and generally have ourselves a grand old time.  

I do the toss-and-bat combo for Leo with an over-sized plastic baseball bat because he loves to chase the ball down the yard.  When Zo decides to run for the same ball, Leo gets frustrated because he isn't as fast.  So with the next swing, I throw Zo off and give Leo the head start so he can "win" at chasing down my line drive. I'm always rooting for the underdog. :)

I braid flowers into JuJu's hair as we sit with Leo, waiting for the "ducks" to return.  They were quite the highlight yesterday, despite their almost-run-in with Zo's face.  JuJu corrects her brother, smartly: "They are not ducks, Leo.  They're swans."  He could care less.  A few hours later, the swans show up, and all Leo cares about is finding some bread scraps to feed the "ducks."  Good thing Dad made French toast this morning. :)

Throughout the morning, the four of us rotate through our collection of pint-sized sports equipment.  I teach JuJu how to dribble, and just passing the ball to a three-year-old reminds me of how much I miss playing soccer.  I'm surprised, actually, and I make a mental note to look up a rec league near home.

Today is a great day.  Good old-fashioned play, crisp air, and plenty of sunshine.  I couldn't be at church this morning, but this is about as close a second as I could ask for.  Just when I think I've already had a terrific day, God knocks one out of the park at the bottom of the ninth.  Well, whaddya know?  We win the game. :)

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  1. Wow, that last picture - so beautiful! I'm getting to the point where I need to see something like this so the city doesn't feel so heavy. Maybe we'll have to go on a nature date sometime!